Love The Beast

This is simply the most boring film I’ve ever seen put to screen. I mean you expect this kind of mildly interesting, but ultimately not worth watching, thing on the discovery channel, but not at a cinema for $10 a ticket.
I cant help but wonder what the target audience was for this film. What would inspire somebody to get out of the house and pay to see this? Personally I think the target audience was Eric Bana, as it is just that restrictive in content and appeal.
It is clear that the film makers themselves even saw the race scenes as monotonous, as they introduced a few techniques to attempt to make it more exciting such as louder music and split screens.
As it had no main story the film was subject to tangents and aimless dribble about cars. That’s the danger of making a documentary and I firmly believe that even documentaries should have a story plan for the audience to follow with anticipation.
Bana’s voice over was a joke. He sounded like a movie trailer vocal artist. Completely unnatural and it made it difficult to believe anything his voice over said.
On a plus note it did offer a little insight into the world of professional racing. I found the pace notes the navigators work by particularly interesting, as it draws a lot of parallels to the script and calling of a stage manager during a live theatre show.
The subtitles were also interesting with their draw back fade out effect, however I’m not considering it a positive thing that the movie was boring enough for me to notice a minute detail such as that.
All in this all this film was junk that would never make it to screen had it not been Eric Bana who made it.
(on a side note a search for “love the beast” in google image search yields disturbing results. Make sure to add Eric Bana if you plan on doing this.)


March 24, 2009. Contemporary.

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