Three Blind Mice

This film gets off to a rather ambiguous start as three sailors enter a hotel room. Various references are made to an event that the audience do not yet know of. This is a technique designed to suck the audience in to the story, however I’m no sure it worked here as I found myself not caring all that much.
On the whole the film was rather aimless. There weren’t really any set goals or a string of fascinating events to follow. Just three sailors wandering through the city of Sydney. The fact that we don’t know what happened on the ship for the majority of the movie contributed to the feel of pointlessness.
There was one incredibly long poker scene, that was only broken up by one scene up on the roof. This poker scene, like the film, seemed rather pointless as the topics of conversation kept changing radically and had little developmental value on the characters in the film.
Filming in Hyde Park was quite impressive, audio wise. Being from Sydney I know that no matter where you are in that park and no matter what time of day there will always be a hell of a lot of traffic noise from all sides. Therefore it was quite impressive that the audio in the Hyde Park scenes contained little to no traffic noise. It also looked like they grabbed a few passers by and not regular actors in the Hyde Park scenes, taking photos with them and such. Their reactions were too genuine to have been an actor.
Bob Franklin was a nice surprise. I’m quite used to seeing him in comedy roles such as Thank God You’re Here or The Library, but when he plays a serious dramatic role it reminded me just how intimidating his dry style of dialogue can be.
This film also ends with a bookend as they all leave the hotel room and turn the light off, which mirrors the movie’s beginning.


March 22, 2009. Film Festival.

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