The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

This will be a rather short one as we did not get to see much of this film, just the opening and skipped fragments of the end. Therefore I cant really comment on the story.
The iris technique continues to be used for close ups of characters (to which I’m still not convinced is more effective than simply moving the camera closer to the characters), however one new use we see here is the iris out open. This is the iris spreading out to reveal a scene. A rather effective technique in setting the scene for a story that is still used today.
The sets were very theatrical, that being spectacular, but obviously fake. The film makers likely did this on purpose to create a surreal world. Similarly the acting of Dr Caligari was very theatrical, particularly his eyes. Everything was at such an obscure angle that is disallowed the practicality of anything, but it did look cool.
The spooky writing with funky colored shapes behind it was an extremely bad font for reading, however the film made up for that by holding the words on screen longer for the audience to decipher it.
Some intentional chroma changes were used, such as a blue filter for anything outdoors and a yellow filter for all scenes indoors.
The brief little bits we did see inspired us designers to ask our  lecturer about creating a stage version of this film.


March 22, 2009. In class.

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