The Wackness

The Wackness is a very low budget film that contains wonderfully interesting characters and  some very well executed film techniques.
The relationship between Luke and Dr Jeffery is very much one of equals, despite their differing age and status.  Both of them have quick wit and catch out each other’s statement flaws a lot, giving them equal conversational control. The two of them are also purposefully juxtaposed encountering the same problems and dealing with them in different ways. For example they both start having problems in bed. The doctor deals with this by watching porn and taking drugs, while Luke talks and works things through with Stephanie.
The film also features a lot of interesting transitions. One involves going from opposing rooftops to a medium close up of Luke. The others are very musical and feel natural as the music takes you to the next scene. There is also the idea of music fueling the world the characters live in as they are constantly exchanging music with each other. This includes Luke, Dr Jeffery, Luke’s supplier and even one of Luke’s customers.
Various references are made to the setting being in 1994, such as the old school brick gameboy and several radio monologues about Mayor Giuliani. That aside the film does not particularly focus on the time period at all and it feel pretty much like the modern day.
The film can be described as more realistic with expressionistic elements. For example the beginning with Luke’s fantasy on the train made me feel for sure the film would be quite Scrubs-like with a lot of fantasies. It turned out to be quite realistic with only tiny elements of expressionism inserted here and there.
The Wackness provided a fun story with serious elements and fantastic humor delivered by quirky likeable characters.


March 18, 2009. Film Festival.

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